Little Blue PT Cruiser
Vertical PT Cruiser Blue PT Cruiser

Ron's PT Cruiser Ron's Blue PT Cruiser

One of 5 in the PT Tours Entourage The Scenic Badlands in a PT Cruiser 2 PT's are Better Than One!

The Original 4 Touring the Badlands with the Original 4 Put your hands in the air!

Red Deer River Red Deer River Valley Beautiful Red Deer River

Waterton Badlands near Drumheller Horseshoe Canyon near Drumheller Beautiful Badlands Scenery

Welcome to Paradise Beam Me Up Scotty! On the Road With The PT's

Welcome to Drumheller! All Aboard! The Hills are Alive with Color! Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park

The HooDoos near Drumheller Carefully inspecting the HooDoos Help Protect our HooDoo Heritage

Where the Buffalo Roam Bison everywhere

Rosedeer Hotel - Wayne, Alberta

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